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10+ Crucial Things to Know Before Taking up A Job in the UAE


The UAE is perhaps one of the first and foremost destination choices of many expatriate workers across top nationalities and job profiles. Among the 7 emirates of UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai acquired the top rank for working globally. According to the latest data and figures, the UAE hosts 8.45 million foreigners accounting for 88.7% of its population. As per the research of the European University Institute, migrants are seen to form 88% of UAE’s resident population and up to 95% of its workforce. Also, it has been seen 90% of all immigrants in the UAE originated from Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan. In the present times, more than 3.4 million Indians and 1.5+ million Pakistanis work in the country, accounting for about 39% of the population of the country.

There are countless reasons why most people desire to look for jobs in the UAE. The work environment is incredibly safe and secure, with remarkably high wages and low taxes. It offers quality living standards and exceptional employment opportunities for women too.

Having that said, it is crucial to remember that it is an Arab country. With both law and cultural traditions held in high regard, it is essential for anyone residing and deciding to work in the country to understand what they will be walking into and what is expected of them. No need to fret. Today’s comprehensive post aims to walk you through certain crucial aspects you need to keep in your mind before making the journey to this impeccable hub of business in the Middle East.

Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s take off!  

Aspects to Remember Before Taking up A Job In The UAE  

  • Valid Visa and Passport

To enter as a foreign worker in the UAE, it is crucial to have a passport, UAE visa, visit visa, or tourist visa that will be valid for a minimum of three years. When you receive an employment offer, your employer will require making essential arrangements for your visa and work permit. Furthermore, if you are a full-time working resident, your spouse can gain a work permit for a part-time job in the country.

  • Mandatory Work Hours

According to the best minds associated with reputed tourism assignment help services, employees aiming to seek work in the UAE should expect to work a maximum of 48 hours a week. Work generally begins at 9 pm and ends at 6 pm. However, certain industries, like essential services, may come with alternative work hours.

Furthermore, Article 66 of the UAE Labour Law asserts that employees in the country can never be made to work for more than five hours at a stretch without rest. They must also be given time to have meals and say prayers.

  • Salary Privileges

Any emigrant employed in the UAE for more than a year is eligible to get End of Service Gratuity (ESG). If you want to know how to calculate it, the formula is to sum the total 21 days’ salary per year for the first five years of your service. Then, you will get 30 days of salary every year for each additional year of service.

  • Essential Requirements For Tax

Do you know the income you earn in the UAE is completely tax-free, both for emigrants and locals? However, 115 countries have double taxation treaties that allow the home government to levy certain taxes on income earned in the country. Additionally, these migrants must consult a tax consultant or a chartered accountant to gain a profound understanding of their tax liability.

  • The Cost Of Living

This hugely varies across different cities, but generally, cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a significant cost of living. The major reason for the rise in prices is inflation. In most cities- especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi- real estate is truly expensive, with rent accounting for a huge chunk of the monthly expenses.

  • Local  Transportation Costs

In UAE, most people have their cars. Cabs are also hugely popular. Certain cities like Sharjah and Dubai offer a cheaper alternative to cabs. What’s more, Dubai also has a metro rail service that is incredibly popular.

  • Outstanding Healthcare Facilities

In comparison to the US, Japan, and Europe, the UAE has perhaps the best healthcare facilities in the Middle East. The country has a huge number of healthcare centres and public hospitals. Further, the UAE has countless multi-speciality hospitals with class-apart infrastructure for locals and emigrants.  

  • Local Law and Regulations

A close look at tourism essay help tutorials will help you understand that Islam is the predominant religion in the UAE. The social conventions of this country demand respecting Islamic laws, which also incorporates maintaining dress codes. The times of Ramadan, eating, smoking or drinking is completely forbidden. However, smoking is permitted only in designated areas at other times. Additionally, certain places in the city do not allow unmarried couples to live together.

  • Brilliant Opportunities For Women

UAE aspires to become an eminent leader in women’s empowerment as it believes that economic growth is possible only when women advance in different fields. To accomplish this, the country’s government is offering remarkable education opportunities, which act as a key to accomplishing women’s empowerment. This is mainly why a huge population of emigrants working in the UAE is women.

  • Language Predominance

In UAE, Arabic is the official language. Most contracts- from home lease agreements to employment documents- are carved in this language. At most multinational establishments, English is the most common language. Furthermore, given the high percentage of Indians, Hindi was added as one of the primary languages to be used in the courts of Abu Dhabi currently.

  • Lip Smacking Food

This Middle East country is a melting pot of cultures. Being a multi-natural country, the company has a remarkable blend of global cuisines that ranges from South Asian, Emirati, Continental as well as European cuisines. Delicious dishes like Hummus, Shawarma, and Tabbouleh are some of the well-renowned cuisines. Traditional Emirati cuisines also incorporate meat, grain, and dairy products.  

In countless places like Sharjah, alcohol is strictly banned. Moreover, photography is also a hitch as you will require seeking permission before photographing in different areas like docks, airports, government buildings, industrial installations, and the like.

  • Affordable Automobiles

If you are a car freak, UAE can be your dream destination. Here, you can easily purchase a vehicle as cars are quite affordable here compared to any other country. Also, petrol prices are incredibly low in comparison to any other country.

  • Fines To Pay

If you are someone who is excessively careless about throwing litter and spitting on streets, understand this might get you in a serious mess. As discussed, laws are incredibly strict, and you may need to pay hefty fines if you get caught doing activities not compliant with UAE laws.

Wrapping Up,

As a multicultural country, the UAE offers innumerable opportunities to emigrants or international students who wish to pursue a prosperous career. Countless students and workers can enjoy all the remarkable facilities of a developed country.

However, like every other country, residing and working in the UAE has certain pros and cons. Life here can be pretty blissful if one adheres to norms and blends in amicably. If this sounds A-Okay to you, it is high time to find lucrative employment opportunities in the UAE!

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